Quality custom made Macrocarpa outdoor furniture

Care & Maintenance

With the right care and a little time your new furniture can look amazing and last for many years to come.

All our furniture is oiled with CD50 to enhance its natural colour and protect it from the elements. With time the furniture will naturally silver with age.

So to keep this from happening additional coats should be applied to keep it looking new and protect the timber from the weather. A CD50 colourtone can be added to the CD50 to give it a different look, or to blend in with other colours you may have. The coloutone will also last longer before it silvers. A list of colours can be found on the Churton Pacific website.

To reapply additional coats of CD50 no sanding is necessary. A good clean to remove stains and grime is all that's needed before additional coats can be applied. Cleaning products can also be found on the Churton Pacific website. You can buy CD50, colourtones and cleaning products from their website, alternatively some hardware stores also have some in stock. So check your local store and see what they have.

We do offer a Renovation service to bring your old furniture back to life. This is solely for old PKWOODNSTUFF furniture. A pick up - renovate - drop off service is available in Auckland. Prices are subject to location and the size of your furniture so please get in touch for a quote.

Other finishes are also available, click on our products page to find out more.