Quality custom made Macrocarpa outdoor furniture

The Capped Style Bar Leaner is a perfect piece for any deck, home bar or beer garden. With plenty of space for all those beverages you won't have to leave it until you fall over backwards.

Prices start from: $740 for a 1.2m x 80cm x 1.1m high...

Our Rustic Bar Leaner is a very solid option. Even when your legs have betrayed you this awesome leaner will keep you standing. Great for bars and pubs.

Prices start from: $740 for a 1.2m x 72cm x 1.1m high...

Our Slab Bar Leaner is a beautiful feature. Chunky but elegant with flowing grain patterns, natural edges and imperfections, these leaners have some real character! All shapes and sizes, please enquire about the right size for you.

Price on application: made to customers specification.